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Yesterday April 12, 2014 was the best day EVER! I had the chance to see my babies in person at my first concert! :,D We had SOO much fun!! Everything was so perfect <3 The festival was awesome, I bought posters, some shades, boba, and just had fun walking around! Lol a guy even said hi to me in korean xD “Annyounghasaeyo!” Lol then in the venue we got free stuff :,) Some awesome chopsticks & noddles and booth pictures! Then the concert was AMAZING!! At first we were seating pretty far away but when the concert started we sat really close! I screamed sooo much! My voice is gone and my throat hurts xD At least I saw Shinee!! My loves! It was all like a dream I didnt want to wake up from :,) <3 Then when the concert ended we followed (ran to) the artist when they got to their buses xD I filmed Jonghyun, Taemin, Key & Onew when they were walking to their bus, then I filmed Jonghwa & Taemin when they were in the bus xD lol it was amazing! I couldnt believe tha they were so close!! Shinee performed “Beautiful, Why so serious? , Lucifer, and then surprised everyone with Colurful! And Key surprised us with “Delicious” with Wooyoung :,) omg I can never hear those songs the same anymore! <3 Those videos I will post later ^^ All i can say is that this weekend was the best ever!! #lakpopfestival #shinee #bestdayever #koreandestival #ilovekorea #chingus

Well today in the U.S April 7 at 8:00am it will be my bias Kim Jonghyun’s birthday :,) In Korea it will be April 8, 12:00am! But because Ima be in school when its 8, I have to post this now ^^ Even though he might never even see this post, I would like to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

[SWC3 IN MEXICO] SHINee’s messages for mexican shawols



Isn’t a miracle that music creates a connection between us?
I think so.


I hope this don’t disappears
That always stay here.


I wish this moment will be remembered as ‘love’ not only for me, for everyone.


I feel at peace watching your shiny eyes.
We got closer today, right?


Thanks to the fans who support us and are always at our sides, I can overcome difficult times.
I also want to comfort you when you are hurt by someone.


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