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What ferry incident I hear some of you say?  This ferry incident.

At least 2 dead, 293 missing after S. Korea ferry full of students sinks

459 on board; 2 dead 164 rescued 293 missing

Please be sensitive as this does mean that South Korean entertainment items will be delayed out of respect and caution. And yes, this does include EXO’s overdose. Please be calm and remember that human life is more important than an on-time music video.

This completely broke my heart <\3 Please pray for those students to be found, for the ones that died and for the ones that were rescued. Also pray for their families, they were all high school students on board all 16, 17 years old. This young fellow right here will always be remembered for his great sacrifice <3 Keep praying, because its the only way we international people, can help. God bless and save those teens, they will be rescued, we just need to have faith! #prayforsouthkorea #neverstoppraying #Godbless #mygreatestcondolences #weareunited #supporting #southkoreafighting

Yesterday April 12, 2014 was the best day EVER! I had the chance to see my babies in person at my first concert! :,D We had SOO much fun!! Everything was so perfect <3 The festival was awesome, I bought posters, some shades, boba, and just had fun walking around! Lol a guy even said hi to me in korean xD “Annyounghasaeyo!” Lol then in the venue we got free stuff :,) Some awesome chopsticks & noddles and booth pictures! Then the concert was AMAZING!! At first we were seating pretty far away but when the concert started we sat really close! I screamed sooo much! My voice is gone and my throat hurts xD At least I saw Shinee!! My loves! It was all like a dream I didnt want to wake up from :,) <3 Then when the concert ended we followed (ran to) the artist when they got to their buses xD I filmed Jonghyun, Taemin, Key & Onew when they were walking to their bus, then I filmed Jonghwa & Taemin when they were in the bus xD lol it was amazing! I couldnt believe tha they were so close!! Shinee performed “Beautiful, Why so serious? , Lucifer, and then surprised everyone with Colurful! And Key surprised us with “Delicious” with Wooyoung :,) omg I can never hear those songs the same anymore! <3 Those videos I will post later ^^ All i can say is that this weekend was the best ever!! #lakpopfestival #shinee #bestdayever #koreandestival #ilovekorea #chingus

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