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This is the last goodbye I will say to these two wonderful girls, artist, daughters, sisters, and friends…Rest In Peace Go EunB and Kwon Rise, God has reclaimed two angels~ I didnt even know of Ladies Code until this tragic accident…and I wish I could’ve been a fan before this even happened :,c These two girls had such an amazing voice, filled with talent, so much charisma, and so beautiful inside out~ They were barely starting their careers, and its so unfortunate it had to end this way </3 They were both so close, best friends until the end…literally. My deepest and most sincere condolences go to their families. As for Sojung, Ashley and Zuny, stay strong! This wound will heal, and even if it will leave a painful scar behind, life goes on, and I know that EunB & Rise will look over you girls forever <3 This tragedy really affected me a lot u.u Kpop unites us all, and I could feel the pain that fans were feeling :,c I still cant believe all this…life is so fragile, thats why never have regrets of anything, and always tell your loved ones that you love them. May God bless Ladies Code, and their families and friends. I know its hard to lose someone, but smile because I know that is what EunB and Rise want from all of you; to smile and be happy.

"That day I cried,
Its goodbye forever in order to be happy
Sometimes I laugh at something
I’m fine thank you
thank you”

Forever in our hearts; EunB & Rise <3 

#PrayForLadiesCode #RIPEunB #RIPRise #Koreaboo #LightUpACandleForLadiesCode #GodBless #CandleLightVigil

OHMAIGAA!!! Its this cutie’s birthday!! 😭
🎵 생일 축하합니다!!
생일 축하합니다
사랑하는 차 학연
생일 축하합니다!! 🎵
Congratulations to one of the best, funniest, most charismatic leaders of kpop :,) N! you are so cute 😭💕 You have lead VIXX ever since the pre debut days~ you are so full of love! Always trying to hug everyone, specially Leo 😂 You have made VIXX a great band, and i know you will lead them well until the end~
I will never forget the times you dressed like a girl 😂😂 you truly looked beautiful 😘😂 Our scaredy cat, beautiful, charismatic loving N :,) happy birthday~ May God bless you with more years, and great success for VIXX~ 💜
#happybirthday #샌일축하합니다 #happybirthdaychahakyeon #happybirthdayn #chahakyeon #n #bestleader #vixx

Ohmaiga~ Today in Korea it is BTS’s 1 year anniversary! :,) HAPPY BANGTAN BOYS DAY! <3 I am so proud of these 7 beautiful individuals :,) I love each and everyone of them to death! (Speacially Jimin <3) I can honestly say that out of all the kpop bands I like (besides Bigbang) they are the most down to earth retards in the kpop industry :,) and that is why I fell for each and everyone of them <3 I am so proud :,) <3 besides my Korean twin is part of this band so coincidence? I think not! I super love this 7 dorks :,) Rap Monster, Jimin, V, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, and Jin thank you for making my kpop life more interesting :,) CANT WAIT TO SEE ALL OF YOU AT KCON!! <3 God bless all of you with more years of sucess <3 BTS FIGHTING! <3 #oneyearwithbts #happy1yearanniversary #happybtsday #bangtanboys #bulletproofboyscouts #bts #rapmonster #jimin #v #jungkook #jhope #suga #jin #ilovethem

Omaigaa!! Yesterday in Korea was VIXXs 2nd Anniversary! So I will count it for an American anniversary lol~ HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY VIXX! I barely found out about them, but they are anamazing kpop band <3 I definetely love their songs and 5 of their members lol (sorry Leo I dont really like you, only your voice )~ Anyways, I hope that God Blesses you with more years of success^^ 사랑해요! <3 #2YearsWithVIXX #VIXX #happysecondanniversary #loveyou


I am so proud of every single one of their achievements this past year

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